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Our story

In Winter 2018, mother of three, Reedah El-Saie, was bracing herself for yet another round of 11+ entrance exam stress and tears, revision pain, piles of text books, rote learning, test papers and play time negotiation. As a result of her experiences with local authorities, private and voluntary sector, she often thought about children in areas of deprivation, those on the fringe of society, vulnerable youth, children with special educational needs who benefited from multi-sensory visual learning. Despite being a Law graduate from The London School of Economics, a qualified barrister, portfolio manager and mumpreneur, with two Masters degrees, she felt the pain of children, parents and teachers across the UK and struggling with homework and exam revision!

She tried to offer positive encouragement with a complete lack of conviction, coupled with inner frustration with an antiquated education system originally designed during the industrial revolution to prepare children for factory work. She devised a cunning plan, borderline bribery strategy, to encourage her son to revise. Study 45 minutes followed by a break of his choice. He suddenly became motivated, laser focused. Curious to understand what had transformed him, she followed him as he would scuttle off to the lounge. It was at this moment she was exposed to the awe inspiring beast of creativity – Fortnite! The ‘thrill of the kill’, colour, action, excitement, addiction and the wonderfully social aspect of multiplayer gaming.

Assuming there would be educational platforms already offering all the subjects from the National Curriculum, she was astonished to find very few fun and engaging educational games. There was also a lack of culturally inclusive and accurate curriculum content that reflected diverse heritage similar to that of her children and so many others. She felt there were no educational games focusing on fostering a love of learning, curiosity and ‘Xploration’. She researched the 21st century skills movement, flips schools, the roots of the curriculum through her third Masters in Education Technology Curriculum Design & Policy and organised an advisory board made up entirely of children – ‘Board of Brilliant brains’ (BBB). She undertook market research interviewing children, parents and teachers from across the globe, to understand their pain points and to co-design and inform the user experience.

Xplorealms is on a mission to revolutionise the way children learn in every corner of the world!