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Fortnite Magic – the Seed is Sown!

Fortnite Magic – the Seed is Sown!

It was the Winter of 2018, I sat alongside my middle child at the dining room with a hot cup of peppermint tea. I prepared to brace myself for yet another round of 11+ entrance exam stress and tears, revision pain, piles of text books, rote learning, test papers and play time negotiation. I felt the pain of children, parents and teachers across the UK and indeed the world! I tried to offer positive encouragement and loving smiles, with a complete lack of conviction, coupled with inner frustration with an antiquated education system originally designed during the industrial revolution to prepare children for factory work.

My heart was breaking at the knowledge, that this once curious and bright child had, over time, had lost his  love of learning as a result of endless exam preparation and anxiety. I devised a cunning plan, borderline bribery strategy, genius I thought, to encourage my son to revise. I suggested we study for 45 minutes, followed by a break of his choice. He suddenly became motivated, laser focused. He would then scuttle off to the lounge and disappear into another world. Curious to understand what had transformed him, I followed the pathway into his world. Thrill of the kill, colour, action, immersion, excitement and the wonderfully social aspect of multiplayer gaming. I was blown away! It was at that moment that I was exposed to the magic and addiction of ‘Fortnite’ – this awe inspiring beast of creativity, immersive technology and sociable gaming!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if subjects were taught through immersive, multiplayer gaming?” I asked my son, who had now turned into a gaming zombie but came alive to the idea of learning through mobile games! Assuming there would be educational platforms already offering all the subjects from the National Curriculum, I was astonished to find very few fun and engaging educational games. There was also a lack of culturally diverse and accurate curriculum content that reflected diverse mixed heritage. But most importantly there were no games focusing on fostering a love of learning, curiosity and ‘Xploration’. It was at that magical moment that Xplorealms was conceived. Although it would take another 12 months before Xplorealms materialised, we are now close to realising our vision with the launch of our first History Realm featuring the Tudors!

Reedah El-Saie

Founder – Xplorealms

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